Build Muscle and Burn Fat

This a free guide for those that are trying to build muscle and/or lose weight.

I found that most people that want to get back in shape and fit in their pants again worry too much about their weight as a matter of weight on the scale, so, I want this to be clear from the beginning:

Aim to Lose Fat and Don't Worry About the Actual Weight

The reason is very simple.

First let me tell you that gaining muscle is the best way to burn fat, for a good number of reasons, here are the top 3:

  1. To maintain muscle you need more energy, and it's taken from fat
  2. Muscle is going to replace fat
  3. Weight training raises your metabolism and this makes you burn more calories
Muscle vs Fat

In this website you'll find all kinds of information that will hopefully help you achieve your goals.

How to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Take a look at these quick links on how to get started with the two biggest challenges:

Build Muscle Fast

How to Build Muscle Fast

Build Muscle to Lose Fat

Gaining Muscle to Lose Fat

How to Lose Fat

How to Lose Fat

Lose Belly Fat Fast

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Get Rid of Man Boobs

Another common disease that affects 1 in 3 men (some studies say also 40% to 60% of male population) is gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is the anomalous increase in breasts size in men, due to hormonal imbalance or fat in excess (pseudogynecomastia).

What Are Man Boobs and How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia

Workout at Home

This is how I started when I decided that I needed to put some meat around my bones and build muscle.

Home workout is the first step, you just need a little bit of equipment and you're ready to go. If you're looking for a home gym don't waste time and money...go straight for a Bowflex!

Follow one of these links to find out how to build muscle at home:

Best Exercises to Build Muscle

I described the best exercises to do at the gym to build muscle fast. If you're starting now, go for compound exercises: they give you the best results especially at the beginning when your body responds quickly.

If you take a look at the menu on the left you'll be able to find the best exercises for every muscle group:


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Here are the most popular that people love on this site:

Bodybuilding Supplements - Hot Links

You may think you won't need them, but after you start working out seriously and learn that nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to build muscle and burn fat... may realize that you simply don't take in enough protein or calories.

Remember that here I already tried many...many bodybuilding supplements, and decided to give you the shortcuts.

Here are the most popular and top rated products that you need to check out1

Testosterone boosters are a category of supplements that, for what I could understand so far, people start using only after they discover having some problems.

Shortly...testosterone is responsible of how our body works:

  • Sexually
  • Emotionally
  • Physically

The higher the testosterone, the easier and faster is for us to build muscle.

The lower the testosterone, the more fat we gain as well.

So...yeah...a good advice is to check your testosterone levels and make sure they fall in the normal range.

Now, I don't know what your approach to building muscle is, but here I give plenty of advice on how to build muscle naturally, and yes, with supplements.

You won't find any support for anabolic steroids. On the contrary, I wrote a few articles to explain the damages and the risks of taking such substances.

Anabolic Steroids and Side Effects

Exercise Hard, Eat Right, Sleep Well

These are the three key advice that will help you build muscle and/or lose fat.

I was a skinny guy and I put on 30 pounds following the tips that you find in this site.

This worked for me and I hope that it'll work for you too.

I'll be the happiest person in the world if one day you'll come back here and tell me that you could change your body like these people below!

Muscle before and after

Muscle before and after

Muscle before and after

Muscle before and after

You will hopefully learn what it means to eat right, and learn how to balance proteins, carbs and fats intake in your diet.

Mediterranean Diet

Low Cholesterol Diet

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