Best Bowflex Exercises
for Chest

I want to start with the Bowflex exercises for chest that you can do with a Bowflex Blaze, but the same applies to any other Bowflex.

Almost all the models show you how to work out your chest using the incline bench.

Don't be fooled thinking that with an incline bench you can do only upper chest.

The truth is that you can actually work upper chest, lower chest and the entire chest like you do with the flat bench press.

Chest Press Bowflex Exercises

Ok so I said that the bench position is inclined, right?

The amazing thing is that all the Bowflex models use cables (and handgrips) that give you extreme freedom of movement.

Depending on the angle between your arm and your chest (therefore depending on the direction where you push), you can do:

  • Incline bench press
  • Flat bench press
  • Decline bench press

Incline Bench Press

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major, Deltoids, and Triceps.

This works exactly like a normal incline bench exercise.

Grab the cables and push up towards the ceiling, vertically. Basically the angle between your arms and chest is 45 degrees.

Bowflex Exercises - Incline Bench Press

Flat Bench Press

Bowflex Exercises - Flat Bench Press

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major, Deltoids, and Triceps.

To do the flat bench press you need to push perpendicularly to your chest.

That means that the angle between your arms and chest is 90 degrees. Your arms make a 45 degree angle with the floor.

Decline Bench Press

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major, Deltoids, and Triceps.

In this case you need to push horizontally to work your lower chest.

Your arms extend parallel to the floor.

Bowflex Exercises - Decline Bench Press

Chest Flys Bowflex Exercises

The amazing thing about any Bowflex is the flexibility (not only of the rods!) compared to other more "static" home gyms.

With my Marcy home gym I could do chest flys but it didn't feel comfortable. I couldn't adjust the seat nor the gym parts. I had to adapt to the gym.

With the Bowflex Blaze it's the opposite, the gym adapts to me because I can move the cables how I want.

This way I can do chest flys using the same techniques described above. Based on where you point your arms (vertically, horizontally or on a 90 degree angle with your chest) you can do:

  • Incline chest flys
  • Flat chest flys
  • Decline chest flys

Incline Chest Flys

Bowflex Exercises - Incline Chest Flys

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major and Anterior Deltoid.

Like for the incline bench press you do flys bringing your hands together right above your head, vertically.

Flat Chest Flys

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major and Anterior Deltoid.

To do flat chest flys you have to bring your hands together with your arms that form a 90 degree angle with your chest (or 45 degree with the floor).

Bowflex Exercises - Flat Chest Flys

Decline Chest Flys

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major and Anterior Deltoid.

Again, with decline flys your arms move horizontally, parallel to the ground.

Do you see how easy is it to work different areas of the same muscle with cables? You're not restricted like with any other home gym!

Flat Bench

The owner's manual doesn't even talk about using the flat (horizontal) bench to do chest press or flys with low pulleys.

I tried it anyway, and it worked perfectly for me. I could do flat bench press and flat chest flys.

The only "similar exercise" that they show you is decline chest flys using middle pulleys on a flat bench:

Bowflex Exercises - Decline Chest Flys 2

I discovered that if you attach the squat bar to the low pulleys you can even use it as a barbell to do bench press.

The only problem with that is to get out because you don't have a rack where you can rest the bar.

But you know, I just throw it out to let you know about the option.

Resisted Punch

Also know as close grip bench press in my opinion...

This is another option that you have when you use a Bowflex. The only issue I have with this exercise is that you kinda need a back seat pad behind you, otherwise how can you stay upright?

Unless you have iron abs the resistance is going to pull you back against the tower:

Bowflex Exercises - Close Grip Bench Press

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